ATTENTION DNC: Remove Sanders, He Does NOT Represent Democrats

S. Novi
9 min readNov 10, 2017
Image Source: Newsweek

While there is no denying that Bernie Sanders and his group of BernieCrats have pushed the Democratic Party philosophy further left and that this is something that will benefit the party and standard Dems in validating the position for future elections, there is a consistent problem with Sanders and his followers. They now feel “empowered” to continue making their demands and they have absolutely NO interest in endorsing those that are running under the Democratic ticket that do not pass their “purity test”.

The Sanders supporters have rallied under a number of banner names, including the “Our Revolution” non-profit that Bernie set up so that he doesn’t have to report income in the same way that other political platforms are required. The various groups around the country analyze the local elections and scrutinize whether their members should endorse a Democrat based on their peculiar “litmus test” criteria. In the Virginia election for governor, they decided to not only refuse to endorse Democrat Ralph Northam over Republican Ed Gillespie, their group spread misinformation about Northam.

After the sweep of Democratic wins occurred on November 8, 2017, the Our Revolution organization sent out an email blast to all of their members listing Democrats and Independents that had won and taking credit for their win, ignoring the massive amount of dollars and personal support that the Democratic Party had given to the downtickets. Missing from the list was Northam and a few other names that they refused to endorse based on their internal “test”. Although credit should be given to those in the Our Revolution for rallying in support, their so-called “support” resulted in only around 2,600 phone calls per state, which is far from anything that is notable.

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Bernie Sanders has always been a spoiler. This is what he does best. For anyone that has known and worked with him throughout the years, they are well aware of his “my way or the highway” attitude. Sanders started out in his youth as an adamant Socialist and only later moved to become a “Democratic Socialist”. He has devoted his many years in the Senate railing against both major political parties…

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