Nextdoor Changes their Logo but Can’t Hide the Horrid Reputation

S. Novi
7 min readSep 8, 2020

If you aren’t familiar with “Nextdoor,” my advice is don’t bother. The platform was set up under the auspice of letting neighbors in similar neighborhoods share information, keep up to date on anything that is happening, and even get lost pets back to their homes. While some of that does happen, what they DON’T tell you until after you sign up is that your full name and exact address is required and this is open for anyone to view it. As we know, not all neighbors are nice people, in fact there are a lot that are down-right evil. There have been SO many bad reports about Nextdoor that they recently changed their logo in an effort to rebrand. It doesn’t change who and what they are.

One only needs to research Nextdoor’s reputation on the Better Business Bureau or the internet feedback source “Sitejabber.” Another online feeback forum is Trustpilot. In all of these locations you will find major complaints about people being banned for a variety of reasons, many of which have to do with posting support for liberal groups or even businesses owned by people of color and even cyberbullying. Each of these three listed show Nextdoor as one of the most poorly rated of all social media. You see, Nextdoor relies on volunteers to “monitor” their pages that are called “leads” and these people vote on what content to keep or remove. When you get a lot of like-minded leads, they control what is posted and even report to corporate as to who to ban. Sitejabber info states:

“Nextdoor has a consumer rating of 2.75 stars from 2,125 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Nextdoor also ranks 11th among Social Network sites.”

In one case in my local community we had a lot of people reporting a trump supporter that went beyond bullying. He called names, PMd people in creepy ways, and was reported over and over again. Nextdoor’s policy is to tell you to call the police if you feel unsafe, but they refused to ban him. Their very poorly designed platform allows you to “mute” someone, but that person can continue to PM (private message) you. It wasn’t until this guy was arrested for child pornography that Nextdoor FINALLY banned him.

It should be noted that Nextdoor has a General Page along with other categories…

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