Nextdoor ‘Leads’ Allowed to Bully, and Nextdoor Does Nothing

Image Source: The Wildcat Tribune

The Nextdoor app takes pride in trying to push the narrative that they create a caring environment for neighbors to share information and help each other. However, this is far from the truth. Over the years there have been constant complaints and reports to the Nextdoor corporate location in California regarding everything from racism to bullying, and some of this is done by the very leads that they give power to. While the leads are a volunteer group, they have the ability to vote on whether a particular comment should be removed, even when it is harmless or generic. In some cases, the leads themselves are posting articles that drip with hate and Nextdoor lets them do anything that they want.

I have written articles about the horrors of Nextdoor and you only have to go to feedback forums such as Sitejabber, that have reports on Nextdoor and even Nextdoor’s own Facebook page to see the reams of people complaining about being banned or removed, as well as bullying and racist leads that they empower.

With the escalation of peaceful protests supporting the attention on police brutality in the Black American community, the microscope is now on platforms such as Nextdoor that has been a harbor for racist behavior. Things seemed to finally explode when Nextdoor put a post on their Facebook page regarding support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and all hell broke loose. Comments about the racist behavior of their leads to create a petition requiring that all leads take an anti-racist and bias instruction course. As per their website page:

Require Implicit Bias & Anti-Racism Training for EVERY Nextdoor Lead

“The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor ignited conversations across the county on structural and institutionalism racism in our communities. It’s a critical conversation — one that our neighbors should be having, but many cannot, due to censorship on Nextdoor, the world’s largest neighborhood social network.

Many Nextdoor users reported that posts in support of Black Lives Matter were being removed by moderators, also known as Neighborhood Leads — despite the company itself publicly tweeting support for the movement.

Per BuzzFeed News: ‘For years, critics have charged that Nextdoor built a platform that amplifies unwarranted fears among the white and wealthy, perpetuating narratives of fear and racism and enabling citizen policing. While the company may be officially saying that it supports the Black Lives Matter movement, many of its volunteer moderators continue to stifle conversations about race, police, and protests.’”

As if being racist wasn’t bad enough, the leads can do and say just about anything that they want. I cover just a portion of this in my article:

Nextdoor’s Fourth Reich

Where Controllers are Bullies, Pedophiles, and Trump Supporters

“The worst part of it is that the ‘leads’ who are local volunteers, can get away with saying and doing whatever they want. It puts power in the hands of those that are right-wing extremists as they demand that anyone of a more liberal persuasion jump through hoops to be polite. These leads often enlist others as they badger and bait, and then laugh because they KNOW Nextdoor will do nothing about it. Even when you take screenshots of comments and posts that these “leads” have done and send it to Nextdoor’s corporate support, they do nothing. The next time you might report, they just ask for more screenshots.”

Another portion of the article shows that the Corporate segment of Nextdoor punishes anyone for posting articles from credible sources, while allowing the leads and others to post from conspiracy sites that are so tin-foil hat, they make you roll your eyes:

“In some of the Nextdoor areas they have a ‘State and Politics’ area. This is a place that people can post information articles, and many people are kept busy debunking the constant barrage of conspiracy sources from the trump supporters. The trumpers pretty much say the kinds of things that you would expect: name calling, badgering, baiting, and bullying, and again if you report too many of them, the person that reports is removed. The trumpers also name call many of the Democrat Representatives, but if you post an article from a respected journal such as “Scientific American” that has a negative word about trump, you are told by Nextdoor Corporate that it isn’t allowed because it’s ‘disrespectful to the president.’

Here is an example of just such an article: Note it is from 2016, for the then ‘candidate’ trump:

Trump’s Views on Science Are Shockingly Ignorant

His statements show a disregard for science that is alarming in a candidate for high office

The response from the obviously twenty-something indicated that calling the president ‘ignorant’ was disrespectful. This required an explanation that the word ‘ignorant’ is defined as lack of knowledge and telling the individual who Scientific American is.”

A Lead That Pushes Right Wing Agenda

A friend and former co-worker of mine shared some of the posts from a specific lead. She had received these as proof from someone in the Nextdoor neighborhood where this lead and his wife abuse their power. This lead posts non-stop right wing articles, many from extremist websites and conspiracy theory sources. He and his posts have been repeatedly reported to Corporate, with screenshots sent, and Nextdoor takes absolutely NO action.

In addition to the rabid posts, the lead gets his wife to troll through posts and making baiting comments. Even if a response is cordial, she and her friends report the comments and the lead votes to have them removed. Many of the common sense neighbors are constantly fact checking what he posts and spend hours trying to let him know that much of what he is posting is untrue.

Even when he posted disinformation about COVID-19, calling it a “democrat hoax,” Nextdoor did nothing to chastise or remove the comment.

This is one example of one lead, however, given the reports that I have read on Nextdoor’s Facebook page and their lack of response, I can only come to the conclusion that they have a very big problem that is dressed up to look like friendly neighborhood social media.

There are too many reports on the Nextdoor Facebook page regarding blatant bullying and racism to even try to take screenshots. What is happening on Nextdoor is a reflection of what has happened around the nation. The closeted racists and bigots had the doors opened when trump began to campaign and they continue to rant their hatred every day he is in the White House. He has given a stamp of approval to every right wing white supremacist and bully in the nation and the one thing that we have learned is: there are a lot of people that need mental health help.

It may be easy for some to suggest simply leaving Nextdoor, but that is exactly what the bullies and Nextdoor wants. However, if you have ever monitored or followed any of the red hat trumpers you will find out that they seek out locations and people that they can be angry with. They are in a constant state of hate and once anyone that disagrees with them is removed, they will look to another social media platform to spew their vile comments. Nextdoor should have anticipated this, and maybe they did and it is all part of their business model.

For now, everyone that has a desire to join this jaded platform needs to beware.

A journalist that worked in the media and continues to seek out truth and integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises.

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