Prepare for a Republican Caused Recession/Depression

S. Novi
7 min readDec 24, 2017
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Americans never seem to learn from history. It seems to take around ten years for everyone to forget how badly the economy is destroyed by Republican policies. The last one was caused by President Bush and his cohorts and as people floundered for jobs, lost their homes and investments, they vowed that they wouldn’t let it happen again. And yet here we are, with a Repub led House and Senate, passing the same Reagan-style bills that wreaked havoc in the past.

Trickle-down economics has never worked. The TrumpTrolls that support this ideology have little or no experience in the corporate world and somehow seem to think that companies are going to suddenly change their greedy attitudes and share all of the profits with the workers. They rant about letting capitalism rule so that “we the people” can see competition, when they don’t even know that these corporations set everything up to increase prices straight across the board. The results of this hoarding is that the middle class has nothing to spend, their jobs don’t increase in pay and they devote all of their income to paying the ever increasing bills that keep piling up.

The last recession seemed to take a lot by surprise. With unfettered abilities, loans were being made that were overvalued and families in towns all over the country found themselves upside down in their payments. Home after home was abandoned and of course, the greedy conservatives loved this because they could swoop in and get real estate at rock bottom prices. While the government made it more difficult to claim bankruptcy, that really didn’t matter as people found themselves destitute and didn’t have a problem qualifying.

Those that don’t understand the market will look to Wall Street and rant about how wonderfully it’s doing. The fact is that it has been a market driven by President Obama’s economic policies and, as in the past, it often takes time for the downtrends to begin to show in the investment arena. We are already seeing some of this play out as companies are moving their manufacturing plants outside of the U.S. and the layoffs in the job market began in Sept. 2017 with over 33,000 jobs lost.

Those that support the Republicans will refuse to admit that everything that the conservatives have designed in the way of bills and laws…

S. Novi

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