Right Wingers Have Always Laughed at Liberal Silence & Willingness to Compromise

S. Novi
5 min readNov 27, 2022
Image Source: Psychology Today

There are very few people still left alive that survived the holocaust. Time has slowly removed their wise words and horrific experiences, however, I talked with a few and their stories are burned into my brain. These individuals, that defied the odds and made it through the horrors always seem to include their confusing and hurt at those that remained silent. The tales told cover the fact that many were neighbors that simply looked away or made excuses as the Nazis removed them from their homes. You see, enabling comes in many different forms and the right wing regime depended upon those that would say nothing or even retain the members of the authoritarian regime as their friends. When the cattle cars were passing carrying millions to their deaths, these people were gathering around tables for holiday feasts, lifting glasses of wine and toasting as they wore the blinders that sent so many to their deaths. Too cowardly to take a stand against those that they referred to as their colleagues and friends, they were as guilty as the Nazis for the devastation that ensued in the country.

I have had many disagreements with so-called liberals as they also refuse to give up their relationships with those that support the wave of right wing white supremacy that has engulfed a portion of the U.S. While they don’t talk politics with each other, I have watched as they openly embrace these extremists. This is no different than the neighbors in pre-World War II Germany, and the right wing factions not only expect this behavior, they laugh at the fact that liberals can be so foolish as to be silent. In the name of congeniality, they know that liberals will try to seek compromise while they stand strong on their racist and bigoted beliefs.

There are many signs of those that fall into the category of the type of liberals that will remain silent. In some cases you can evaluate them by the way that they defend the undefendable. It may begin with something as small as making a rationalized excuse for behavior such as their “friend” personalizing a generic comment. They continue to defend even lifelong dysfunctional behaviors of their “friend(s),” coming up with an extended list that typically devolve into the bizarre. An example of this might be a statement made by their friend(s)…

S. Novi

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