The Ugly Dirty Truth about Nextdoor

S. Novi
7 min readJul 16, 2019

A Harbinger of Hate

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If you are familiar with this website, you might have heard that it’s a great location for neighbors to share information, ask questions, get updates on events, and generally assume that it’s a harmless yet possibly helpful source. The reality of this site is something entirely different. Not all neighbors are “nice people,” and in this, Nextdoor simply ignores the possibility that there are mentally maladjusted individuals that can stalk and even harm you. This is especially true in their “National and State Politics” section, where even if you “mute” a nasty neighbor, they can still IM you with threats, innuendoes, and sexual overtones.

I stumbled on Nextdoor by accident when I was looking to sell a few of my things. Someone said I should also research this site as there seemed to be a lot of “nefarious things” happening. Unsure of what they meant, I signed up, which required personal location information including my address that they verified and posted on the site, phone number, and name. Their Gestapo won’t allow you to use a maiden name and will refuse to let you join. Their motto of having all neighbors “trust” each other included your full and correct info along with your address.

While I listed the few things that I had for sale on Nextdoor, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, I got absolutely no response from Nextdoor, but did sell the items on FB Marketplace. As a writer that focuses on political topics I was intrigued by the Nextdoor “National and State Politics” section and decided to participate in discussions and monitor to see some of the extreme conservation comments. Analyzing their cult behavior has been an action that I have been involved in for 3 years, and this would just be another source. My assumption was that since Nextdoor wants trusting and friendly neighbors that they would abide by their own guidelines and ensure that neighbors are not harassed.

I was wrong.

Nextdoor is a sanctuary for the mentally ill and Nextdoor does little to stop them.

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