The Ugly Dirty Truth about Nextdoor

A Harbinger of Hate

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If you are familiar with this website, you might have heard that it’s a great location for neighbors to share information, ask questions, get updates on events, and generally assume that it’s a harmless yet possibly helpful source. The reality of this site is something entirely different. Not all neighbors are “nice people,” and in this, Nextdoor simply ignores the possibility that there are mentally maladjusted individuals that can stalk and even harm you. This is especially true in their “National and State Politics” section, where even if you “mute” a nasty neighbor, they can still IM you with threats, innuendoes, and sexual overtones.

I stumbled on Nextdoor by accident when I was looking to sell a few of my things. Someone said I should also research this site as there seemed to be a lot of “nefarious things” happening. Unsure of what they meant, I signed up, which required personal location information including my address that they verified and posted on the site, phone number, and name. Their Gestapo won’t allow you to use a maiden name and will refuse to let you join. Their motto of having all neighbors “trust” each other included your full and correct info along with your address.

While I listed the few things that I had for sale on Nextdoor, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, I got absolutely no response from Nextdoor, but did sell the items on FB Marketplace. As a writer that focuses on political topics I was intrigued by the Nextdoor “National and State Politics” section and decided to participate in discussions and monitor to see some of the extreme conservation comments. Analyzing their cult behavior has been an action that I have been involved in for 3 years, and this would just be another source. My assumption was that since Nextdoor wants trusting and friendly neighbors that they would abide by their own guidelines and ensure that neighbors are not harassed.

I was wrong.

Nextdoor is a sanctuary for the mentally ill and Nextdoor does little to stop them.

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Creepy, Disgusting Old Conservative Men and Women trumpers

I need to preface this with the statement that I knew the possible consequences of approaching a national and state political area in a town/neighborhood that is known to be radically pro-trump. I am aware of their cult-like behavior, their inability to fact-check or have critical thinking. However, my knowledge was on a broader and more national scale and I needed to find out how bad things were in my own area.

At first I entered the political discussions with a sense of testing the rationale with what I thought were logical and newsworthy responses. Nextdoor has volunteer “monitors” and I don’t envy their job. Playing the “adult” in a room full of people acting like children takes a special kind of talent. What I initially saw on Nextdoor’s National and Political section is the same very cult-like, copy and paste, standard Fox/Breitbart brainwashed propaganda. The responses were predictable. Their actions ran from accusations of people invading the country illegally, to their pro-fetus, pseudo-Christian cherry picking religious topics, deciding what is “patriotic” and what isn’t, and even who has the right to be an American. In other words — trumpism. These people included both men and women.

There are always a few on the talk area of the National and State politics that you know are bat-shit crazy. One woman went on a rant, posting lies about me and a comment, copying, pasting and doing “screenshots.” (yes, they think they are tech gurus because they figured this out) I rolled in the mud (or $hit) for a while with them, with my usual baiting comments of reminding them of historical Nazi behavior, etc. and then finally reported a few of them. They, in turn, were reporting me…and thus the “banning war” began.

Nextdoor offers a “mute” ability to stop seeing comments from someone who is abusive. However, even though they are muted, they can still IM you via Nextdoor. I had three disgusting old men IMng me and all the while, I am contacting Nextdoor monitors AND corporate.

Nextdoor’s response? “Call the police if you feel unsafe.”

Yet — they STILL allowed these individuals to remain active on Nextdoor.

Some of the more whacko conservatives decided that they would get together and do a mass “report” to get the liberals off of what they considered to be “their site.” One would be designated and they would “bait” the conversation, accusing a normal comment of being rude (which it wasn’t), then report. They aren’t that bright because they even posted their success of getting people banned ON Nextdoor.

Meanwhile, Nextdoor does nothing.

While we had the ability, we were posting articles from verified sources, addressing the many laws that trump and his administration have broken, the loss of our allies, the fact that Republicans are ignoring the atrocities of the concentration camps that houses kids, the close connections of trump with many that are associated as rapists and pedophiles, etc. The responses that we got were the ones that were expected: attacking all of us as “socialists” (and yes, we had to explain socialism to them over and over again) and the usual Fox dribble. When they have nothing else — they respond with an attack on either President Obama or Hillary Clinton. All of this is the same type of behavior that we see on almost every social media platform where these sick people now feel empowered to express their racism, bigotry, and hate.

What’s different here — is that they live very very CLOSE to you.

The red hats clammered together spewing every kind of nonsense, demanding proof that you already gave them and then stating that the proof was “fake news” and the fact-checkers were liberal hacks. In turn, they offered their “proof” with the likes of Breitbart, Fox, YouTube, and a variety of extreme right-wing conspiracy sites. This is the same exact cult behavior that is occurring all over social media, and they proudly announce that they think everything from the Mueller Report to the Russian IRA (Internet Research Agency) is completely made up. They don’t trust the FBI, the CIA, or any of the government agencies and they go into hate-filled tirades on Nextdoor about these topics.

Reporting these conservatives that have obvious mental health issues is an “iffy” situation. If you report to your monitor, they can ban you based on their own personal belief system. This was exemplified when one of the extreme conservatives volunteered to be a Nextdoor monitor. Within a few months he was arrested for child pornography and no one knows if he took himself off of Nextdoor or if they removed him. While many of us were very upset about this, it wasn’t a surprise. A lot of the creepy old men on Nextdoor exhibit signs of sexual perversions. Even though we had reported him in the past — it took an arrest.

Meanwhile, Nextdoor does nothing.

My observations and monitoring of a number of social media sites has resulted in exposure of some of the ugliest parts of our country. The worst scream “patriotism” while they support a totalitarian, fear-based take over that is so Hitler-esque, it is scary. You have to recognize that these specific types of people are never happy and are always filled with hate. This is demonstrated on Nextdoor and other social media platforms when trump or the Republicans project the “next group of people” that they should focus their anger on. Nothing will make them happy, and that is exactly what the Republican Party runs on. They know their base is fear-driven and psychologists have confirmed that with repetitive studies on the red hats and trump.

One of the results of tracking the responses on Nextdoor is that while many of the more liberal members were banned one at a time, a few of the conservatives that were getting them banned..remained. These red hats go to extreme lengths to try to bait others that don’t agree with them. At one point, four of the more liberal members were banned, including those whose comments were always rational and reasonable. Other red hats that had done everything from go on anti-Muslim rants and personal attacks, were allowed to return.

My reason for writing this is to forewarn people. Nextdoor absolutely requires that your personal information be listed and they supply a “map” to show your address and where you live (you can opt out of that if you wish, but most don’t know it’s an option).

Nextdoor doesn’t comply with their own guidelines and has an obviously prejudiced agenda. They punish people that reach out and alert them to a member that has a problem and is attacking others and do absolutely nothing to deter anything except advise you to call the police. People stupidly post that they are leaving for vacation, living alone, and any personal problems that they might be experiencing.

This is NOT the friendly app that they advertise, but instead a potential source for stalkers, pedophiles, and criminals.

A journalist that worked in the media and continues to seek out truth and integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises.

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