Trump and The Take Down

What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

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There once was a time in the United States that we could turn to our media sources as a reliable way to not only receive the truth in news, but to also have a separation between ‘news and opinion’. Sadly, those times may be gone for good as in today’s mainstream media “it’s all about the ratings’ and the stations will report on anything that will attract the demographics that they want and they refuse to call-out those that are on their ‘shows’ when they point-blank lie.

This was exemplified during the 2016 presidential elections when MSM gave Trump a platform to spew his rhetoric of hate as well as lies and their refusal to vet Bernie Sanders. The world watched in horror as news reporting transitioned into entertainment and just another type of reality show.

But in the background, where few are observing, exists a number of investigative reporters that are doing the job that they know must be done. These are individuals that understand that journalism can continue to have integrity and they are quietly researching and finding out what is going on behind the scenes. One such investigative reporter is Bill Palmer of The Palmer Report If you only watch and listen to mainstream media you won’t hear about this information until far after it’s been released by investigative reporters. Seeking ‘the truth’ is more important to this group and MSM will only release the information when it is deemed as ‘ratings worthy’. This is a connect-the-dots following of some of the best investigative reporting done by Bill Palmer.

Investigative reporters are our unsung heroes. They are the ones that others attack with name-calling such as ‘fake news’, even when they have reliable and viable sources. They follow the trails, where ever they lead, and connect-the-dots. Here are some of the things that are happening behind the scenes; the pieces of the puzzle that might seem random, but in reality are a coordinated orchestra. When you begin to put all of this together, it can be a scary scene that is opening the doorway to show that the country is not only at risk of a dictatorship, but that there are many ‘players’ that are willing to throw the United States under the bus for their own personal profit.

This is beyond the usual personal gain….as it now enters the realm of treason. It is no wonder that so many are waking up every day to see yet another scandal, another high level story that makes us all think that we are living in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Beyond The Main Players

At this point, anyone that has been following the breadcrumbs of real reporting is aware of the distinct links and obvious participation of the main players of the Trump RussiaGate. But if you think this tale is ‘new’, guess again. The participants and actions of many of those associated with Trump reaches back a number of years. In a Washington Post article, they detail the timeline of the Trump/Putin relationship as well as each of those that have been aligned in setting all of this up. This may have started out as a business deal in 1987 when Trump visited Russia, but it is then that the wheels and cogs began to turn as he established an alliance. Once Putin came into power, he realized the potential of this rather egotistical and somewhat stupid man and he knew that all they had to do was continue to appeal to his narcissism and dangle more power in front of him. They had their ‘patsy’, now they needed to establish the individual pieces to set it all into place.

“We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.” - Nikita Khrushchev

The drama that has unfolded came to a culmination on Election Day when the amount of Russian and other foreign interference resulted in the election of Trump. Even with the numerous reports of potential election fraud and gerrymandering, as well as voting machine irregularities and outright theft, the country woke up in horror. The man that spewed hate, racism, bigotry and sexism was now supposed to be the leader of the free world. All of the ‘reports’ were ignored and even downplayed by the Republican Party as they gleefully danced at finally achieving their own power. They were now in a position to roll-back all of President Obama’s successes and begin instituting their own bills, with a focus on their agenda: keep the American people poor, uneducated, sick and living in fear.

This is a nightmare that each of us wakes up from every day, hoping that it isn’t true.

Bear with the length of this article — and remember, this is only three weeks of highlights of the scandals, unacceptable rhetoric and treasonous actions.

To list everything that happened within the House, Senate and White House from that November day would take volumes, so instead, we can fast forward and just start with the last few months. This includes skipping over the inordinate number of Russians associated with this situation that have suddenly and mysteriously died as well as the Trump dossier that has been reported by Christopher Steele, the experienced MI6 agent. The dossier was supplied to the U.S. government and since then, much of the contents has been confirmed. It is important to note that along with an intense amount of data linking Trump, Putin and the hijacking of the 2016 Presidential election by hackers, it also included the statement: “The hackers were paid by the Trump organization, but were under the control of Vladimir Putin’s presidential administration.”

The focus on Michael Flynn as the catalyst for so much that is blowing up in the face of the White House and the Republicans also incorporated many of the other players of this disastrous game. As was reported by Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, Flynn’s lying wasn’t the only problem, because evidence had now surfaced that everyone, including Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Sean Spicer and Trump himself had participated in the lies about the criminal status of Flynn. Given that President Obama had fired Flynn and advised Trump not to hire him, it is thought that this was a well-set trap as Trump would assume that Flynn was someone that Obama didn’t want, and therefore he did.

Around April 29th, 2017, insiders from both the Republican and Democratic sides were leaking information that grand jury indictments were underway to pursue RussiaGate.

Nearing the same time, two of the Russian hackers that were being held by the Federal Government (Alexey Krutilin and Dmitrii Aleksandrovich) since October, 2016, were suddenly and inexplicably let go for ‘time served’. These men had been arrested for shipping sensitive computer equipment to Russia; the type of technologies that are used for hacking and instead of being sentenced to the standard twenty five years in prison, they were released to return to Russia. Typically, the only time something like this happens is when those that are arrested have offered information and data that is so valuable, that they can ‘make a deal’ and won’t be required for testimony.

Meanwhile, mainstream media isn’t picking up much of these stories and on the conservative news front, they are denying everything and making accusations that it is all being ‘made up’ by the Democrats because they are sore losers. But the investigative reporters continue their sleuthing and then we see Paul Manfort, a main player in the Trump RussiaGate scandal since 2005, missed the boat in registering himself as a foreign agent, acknowledging the millions of dollars that he was paid from a Russian pro-oligarch, while others in his partnership did.

But more about the grand juries: in a day or so after the original leaks, information about the two grand juries began to surface. The biggest one has to do with FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) relate to the two Trump campaign advisers, Manafort and Flynn as it relates to their exposure as paid foreign agents, but also may be associated with the fact that there have historically been Russians doing so-called ‘business’ in Trump Tower and in that case it can be associated with RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). The other RussiaGate grand jury focuses totally on RICO as a money-laundering scheme only and as has been seen in the past, the State of New York has had quite a success with RICO as they exposed billions of Russian dollars being laundered via Deutsche Bank; the same bank that gave loans to and guaranteed loans for Donald Trump. It should also be noted that the RICO approach by the State of New York has the ability to seize the assets of Donald Trump that were involved in the crime….and more.

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But scandals in this administration are as common as a daily cup of coffee and almost at the same time, Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce that held his own list of controversies added yet another one as he was the Bank of Cyprus Vice Chairman during the time when the Russian money laundering in New York was occurring as well as the time when money was being loaned to Trump. Ross added another crime by violating The Hatch Act of 1939, which indicates that, apart from the President and Vice President, no other employee of the Executive Branch can use his or her position for candidate campaigns. So when Ross participated and actively campaigned for Trump in his rallies to promote a 2020 election (which, by the way was also funneling money into the Trump business), Ross was committing a crime.

One of the most outrageous and horror-filled actions that Trump has done (and there are many) was when he decided to ask forty-six U.S. Attorneys for their resignations last March. This sweep was thought to have a basis for eliminating one particular U.S. Attorney, Preet Bharara as he had previously busted Turkish and Russian nationals that were associated with Trump. But Bharara refused to resign and was ultimately fired. The results of that situation was that Bharara collected and then transferred all of the files on Trump to Eric Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General. It is Schneiderman that is bringing up the NY State RICO charges. It is thought that this particular ploy was the best move to make due to the fact that if they pursued on a federal level, Trump might be able to circumvent the charges.

You don’t have to be incredibly insightful to see that the Republicans have been doing everything possible to ignore, redirect or outright deny the existence of RussiaGate. Their hypocrisy regarding the quantity of resources being allocated to the investigations pale in comparison to those that they insisted on for the repeated Benghazi and Hillary Clinton e-mail investigations. Republican Chairman Richard Burr has done everything to drag his heels without being accused of impeding the investigation and this was after the attempt to sabotage the investigation of then Republican Chairman David Nunes. Pushed by both public opinion demands and the Democrats in the group, on May 2nd, the Senate Intel Committee membership chartered a bus that took all of them to Langley, VA and the CIA headquarters for a briefing on Trump-Russia. During this same time period, the intel community, while monitoring outside communications, caught Donald Trump in a conversation that involved an attempt to shut the investigation down. “It was an overseas call and picked up by friendly IC and provided to investigators.”

The Trump family knows no boundaries when it comes to making a buck off of the brand. Donald Trump has given his three children, Eric, Donald Jr and Ivanka high positions in the White House as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner. None of them have any expertise in the jobs that they have been assigned and all of them are going around the world under the guise of their new positions, while they ‘sell’ the Trump brand. It seems that France’s intel community has turned over evidence of Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr engaging in activities that are illegal and at the same time, Portugal has turned over evidence on Congressman Devin Nunes. Both Eric and Donald, Jr. have repeatedly bragged and commented on the Trump/Russia business dealings.

Now we enter the realm of topics having to do with James Comey. His testimony at the Senate hearings opened the door to admitting that there were indeed, ongoing investigations into Donald Trump and included the words ‘grand jury’ in his carefully crafted responses to the questions. Additionally, he made a point of indicating that during the findings of the last email inquiries on Hillary Clinton, he had sent ‘a private letter to a committee chairman’. The chairman in question was Jason Chaffetz and it was after receiving this information that the final ‘leak’ occurred just prior to the election. Many, including Hillary Clinton herself, belief that it was this leak that was the tipping point for her election loss. During the question and answer sequences, Comey also confirmed that the FBI was investigating Rudy Giuliani who was later found to have worked with the FBI to ‘cut a deal’ weeks prior.

In the meantime, the Senate committee cracked down hard on Carter Page, former Trump campaign adviser. He had originally ‘volunteered’ to give information freely and yet, when they took him up on his offer, he refused.

The FARA investigation continued to expand and include from 28–42 individuals in the round up by the FBI.

If there was any question regarding the amount of ‘evidence’ that exists on RussiaGate, it was addressed when Representative Swalwell made the comment on CNN when he was asked by host Brianna Keilar as to what made him believe that the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russia. Swalwell’s response was: “Yes I do, and I have seen the evidence on the unclassified and classified side.” Considering that Swalwell is neither the chair or committee ranking member, this means there is a lot more evidence than even he was exposed to. Another important note is that while David Nunes should have received all of the evidence, given his inappropriate behavior of the past in holding a press conference and running to Trump, it appears the Senate intel committee didn’t share everything with Nunes.

When Trump gave Betsy DeVos the position of Secretary of Education, there was an uproar in the educational community due to her lack of understanding of the public education system as a whole and her desire to realign it into a profit-making machine. But there was a reason Trump gave her the position and it was exposed after a 90-page volume was released due to the Freedom of Information Act. The pages flowed forth showing that the 2016 election had a flurry of swing state voting machine flaws in Democratic-heavy areas, and when you connect the dots on this one you see that DeVos and the Russian email server in the Trump Tower are in line with each other. A Slate report in Oct. 2016 showed that the Trump Tower private email server was communicating with a Michigan healthcare company and two Russian banks. The healthcare company was controlled by DeVos and her husband and there was a lot of Michigan data being shared prior to and during the election time. The results of this one state stood out as it was the only one that was so far off from the polls and was a state that Trump was estimated to lose.

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As early-morning and almost drunken-sounding tweets continue to come from Trump, it wasn’t really a surprise when he made desperate comments regarding former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates prior to her intelligence committee testimony. The day of her appearance along with the former Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr. was a long time coming. Apparently, Trump had been trying to convince various GOP members to cancel Yates’ appearance. And, after watching their performance, you could see why Trump was expressing fear. Both Yates and Clapper were exemplary in their answers; clear, concise and professional. The same could not be said about the Republicans that were asking the questions as they seemed to be focused on the supposed ‘leaks’ rather than the topic at-hand. It became quite apparent that they were looking for the individuals that were exposing the RussiaGate situation and not the crimes themselves. Ms. Yates did an exceptional job putting Ted Cruz in his place when he (and others) tried to ‘mansplain’ a topic that she was an expert on.

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Under the ‘You Can’t Make This $hit Up!” category (as if there wasn’t enough as it is) Sean Spicer, the current White House Press Secretary, was reported to have been ‘hiding in the bushes’ to avoid all media (except Fox). The video that appeared on the net showed Spicer ‘hiding’ for about twenty minutes. News sources were later seeing a so-called correction as they said he was huddled with his team, however, no such visuals of that situation have been seen. Instead, the net and neighborhoods around the country have exploded in ‘Spicer Heads’ being placed in buses and brush locations.

The firing of Comey could involve an entire book unto itself. As Keith Olbermann stated “You can’t fire the investigator that is investigating you.” This is shades of Nixon as he had taken a similar action, firing someone that was investigating him. As per the Time article:

“In 1973, in what would become known as the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox, a special prosecutor looking into the burglary at the tip of the iceberg of the Watergate scandal. Both Nixon’s attorney general and deputy attorney general resigned in protest, and the “massacre” marked a key step in the scandal that led to his resignation less than a year later.”

Comey’s firing opened a firestorm of accusations and allegations, pointing the finger at Trump of an admission of guilt. The moronic excuse given for Comey’s termination indicated that Trump felt that Comey had done an injustice to Hillary Clinton. Of course, this is opposite of what Trump had stated when there was an FBI leak of the emails just prior to the election, that had no relation to Clinton, but that insinuated that they could be the base for additional investigations. Add to this the fact that Trump had his bodyguard deliver a boilerplate letter for the termination while Comey was in Los Angeles at an FBI meeting, and included a short paragraph trying to cover his a$$ confirming that Comey had stated that Trump wasn’t under investigation. A statement that Comey has repetitively denied.

Everyone knows that Mike Pence is the polished politician with a dark history wrapped around bizarre religious beliefs including the fact that he indicated that he cannot be alone under any situation with a female without his wife present. We will ignore that he calls his wife ‘Mother’, as that’s an entirely different storyline. Instead, there is a focus on the condition that up until now, his name hasn’t been included in the scandals and treasonous actions. However, Pence is just as embedded, as he was caught lying about Flynn’s Russian Ambassador contacts, Comey and the investigation about Russian connects. Pence is parroting Trump’s insistence that Comey told Trump that he wasn’t under investigation.

MSM pretty much ignored the 2015 money laundering scandal of Trump’s Taj Mahal hotel, however, the topic is now being brought front and center as the Senate Intel Committee is including this as part of their intelligence probe. At the time of the scandal, Donald Trump was only part-owner of the hotel and it turned out that the FinCEN division of the U.S. Treasury fined them $10 million for multiple years of violations involving money laundering. The topic is pertinent as it intertwines the practices of Trump as it relates to the RICO charges, also involving money laundering.

Michael Flynn had retroactively registered as a foreign agent indicating that he had taken money from both Turkey and Russia. Now the Senate intel committee wants to talk to Flynn and they are issuing subpoenas for his testimony. It was thought that Flynn had already arranged some kind of ‘deal’ with the investigative group as he has been at the center of the topic from the beginning and has a lot of information. The subpoenas indicate that the concept of a ‘deal’ might be in error. Flynn was forced to resign in February from his position of National Security Adviser after leaks were exposed to the media showing that Flynn had been having conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak regarding sanctions, during the period of transition.

In the ‘ignore the man behind the curtain’ section, Trump assumed that he would extend his safety net by assigning Andrew McCabe as the acting FBI Director. However, it just tightens the knot around Trump’s behavior as McCabe is already being investigated by the Department of Justice to see if he failed to recuse himself from the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The latter case ended up being dropped and Hillary Clinton was completely cleared.

Comey will continue to be an important topics in the next few weeks, as it was reported that he met with Trump to request additional resources for the FBI investigations. It’s believed that these resources were to continue an in-depth investigation into Trump’s taxes and business dealings, specifically as it related to Manafort and his pro-Kremlin activities. It may therefore be no surprise that Trump suddenly fired Comey.

Under the ‘you don’t mess with the FBI’ heading, one must understand that these people are typically some of the most dedicated in the country. Pretty much the entire team at the FBI held respect for Comey, and as has been indicated by a number of people, you cannot stop an investigation in progress. Insider sources have reported that there were a number of warrants issued from the Eastern District of Virginia that related to the Trump-Russia investigation and a raid had been held in a GOP fundraising firm in Annapolis, MD, called the Strategic Campaign Group. This group contains many elements that intertwine with other groups that directly involve Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, two of Trump’s close associates and involved in the Trump campaign. There appears to be a large number of US Marshalls as well as agents involved in the active raids as they relate to the warrants. In an unusual action, the official @FNI Twitter account released a tweet just prior to the raid stating “Asset forfeiture is used to disrupt, dismantle & deter those who prey on the vulnerable for financial gain.”

In a strange twist, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has temporarily replaced Sean Spicer for the so-called daily briefings. She is inexperienced and her presence brings even more chaos (and better SNL skits) to the forefront. In a shockingly naïve and idiotic comment, Sanders basically admitted that Trump fired Comey as an act to stop the investigation. This is considered to be ‘obstruction of justice’. Here quote was: “We want this to come to its conclusion.” She then added, “We think that we’ve actually, by removing Director Comey, taken steps to make that happen.” The bottom line is while a president does have the ability to fire the FBI Director, they cannot do it end or sabotage an investigation. Another example of the WH lack of law and Constitutional law.

One name that hasn’t been brought up so far is that of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He had previously recused himself from the Russia investigations, but was then implicated as being involved in the firing of Comey. From a legal standpoint (and a common sense one) you cannot recuse yourself and then jump back into any process of the investigation, including the firing of Comey. Sessions crossed the line and may be liable for losing his law license.

Comey has been working within various government elements as a lifelong career under multiple Presidents of both Parties. He has been considered by colleagues and politicians alike as a ‘straight shooter’ with honesty and integrity. After his firing, he agreed to testify before the Senate committee but is smartly waiting to be subpoenaed. This will assist in protecting him against any vindictive lawsuits or actions that Trump may try to plan.

The money laundering information that was collected by the Treasury Department’s FinCEN division during the raid at the GOP fundraising firm in Annapolis, MD is now being turned over to the Senate Intel committee. The data involves many areas, but most notably, the history that Trump has with money laundering. Beyond just Manafort and Stone (as previously mentioned) it appears that this organization is also tied with WH Adviser, Steve Bannon,

Comey’s hesitancy about his previous invitation to dinner by Trump was discussed with James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence. While neither of them are now government employees, they did have a private conversation where Comey expressed his reluctance in attending the dinner invitation. Trump’s claims that during the dinner, Comey asked to keep his job as FBI Director is being challenged by Clapper as he reported that Comey only agreed to the dinner out of a sense of obligation.

Trump uses Twitter to communicate to his followers as well as any nonsensical comments that roll out of his head. However, he is out of control in some of these tweets and when he launched into a Twitter rant against the recently fired James Comey, he may have caused more problems for himself. His insinuation (and potential threat) that there were ‘taped conversations’ between Comey and Trump has led the leader of the House Intel Committee to demand that he turn over any such tapes.

Attention shifts back to Paul Manafort and his financial records as a method to get to Trump. Manafort had previously admitted to taking pro-Kremlin oligarch money in the terms of tens of millions of dollars. Now, New York City, New York State and the Feds are moving in on the financial records of Manfort as a link to Trump.

When Preet Bharara was fired, his replacement was Joon Kim as acting U.S. Attorney. In an tweet using the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Twitter account, they tweeted: “Acting USAtty Kim: We will not allow the US financial system to be used to launder proceeds of crimes committed anywhere-here or in Russia” So it appears that Kim is vehemently going after the Trump money laundering situations.

After Comey had been fired, he continued to agree to testify before the Senate Investigation, however, in a very nice twist, Comey now demands that the testimony be in public view. The purpose of this may be obvious, as he wants the largest viewing audience of the American people to hear exactly what he has to say. If anything, this may be the single are of ‘fear’ that Trump has.

There are numerous rumors leaking from the White House including that the entire staff is living in a state of constant fear and panic, that Trump has gone on total meltdown rampages and that his level of paranoia is so great that he fired the entire Airforce One team. While rumors are rumors, they are coming from more than one source and are escalating. If there is one thing that has been speculated, it’s that Trump’s weakness is that he has no idea who his enemies are. Those that placate him, say soothing things to him and ‘act the part’ are readily accepted by Trump as close allies. His narcissistic ego won’t allow him to think that anyone doesn’t like him and yet when truth and facts are presented to him and he doesn’t prefer them, he looks to the messenger as an ‘enemy’

May 13, 2017 brought about the story that Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn now had sealed indictments against them, along with two other co-conspirators by the Eastern District Court of Virginia. It is important to note that the sitting U.S. President cannot be tried via the Judicial Branch and that this power only belongs via impeachment hearings and trial to the Congress. However, the indictments against Trump is clearly aimed to expose his crimes to the American public so that it catapults the impeachment process itself. Congress currently has a Republican majority, but it would only take ten percent of the Republicans to agree to impeachment, along with all of the Democrats.

James Clapper has appeared on a few Sunday (5/14/17) shows including ABC and CNN and it seems that he has had his ‘fill’ of Trump’s nonsense. The retired Director of National Intelligence has been an example of professionalism, working with both parties as well as multiple Presidents, to accomplish his former job. On the CNN program, State of the Union, Clapper indicated: “our institutions are under assault internally” he then clarified what he meant by ‘internally’ as being Donald Trump. On an ABC program Clapper indicated that Russia is celebrating over what Trump is doing to the U.S. democracy and America. As an incredible individual that has devoted a lifetime to honorable service, it appears that Clapper is taking a stand against Trump and what he views as completely wrong.

The supposed Trump ‘recordings’ that he threatened Comey with may very well exist. Former employees and co-workers have come forward to state that Trump has long been known to tape recordings. In one legal situation of the past, Trump was able to easily bring taped recordings to prove his case. He has told people that he hides a phone capable of recording, under a newspaper. Others have indicated that in his Mar-a-Lago location, he not only tapes but eavesdrops on personal conversations. Comey responded by stating that he hopes that there are recordings and the intel committee are now requiring that Trump turn over any recordings. The latter may not happen unless Congress subpoenas them.

You need only have to reach back to the astounding number of people that were involved in the Nixon Watergate scandal to realize that, in cases like these, the employees and staff are the ones that can pay a heavy price simply by doing the jobs that they were told to do. Politico talked with quite a few people that had been involved in past Washington scandals to confirm this as the staff may be charged with obstruction of justice or perjury. These veteran staffers are letting the word out to current WH employees that they should be looking into getting their own lawyers.

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The Russians visiting the White House may have been one of the greatest blunders that Trump has done (this week). Apparently when Putin made the request, Trump couldn’t turn him down and he greeting Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Lavrov, both Russian government officials in a meeting that excluded all U.S. reporters but allowed Russian reporters (and their technology equipment) carte blanche entrance into the Oval Office. During the meeting, Trump apparently ‘gave’ both Sergeys a classified code-word from U.S. intelligence that was supplied to the intel community from an Israeli source. Although a sitting President does have the authority for the declassification of information, it requires a signed document detailing the declassified info before it is freely shared. Additionally, it is definitely NOT normal to share classified information with a hostile foreign power, especially one that is part of an ongoing investigation of U.S. election interference, (et al). Apparently those within the closed doors of the White House were also having problems. Once the story was leaked, insiders were stating that Sean Spicer, Sara Huckabee Sanders and Steve Bannon were all heard screaming at each other. Given that it was Trump himself that accused Hillary Clinton of ‘not being fit’ for the position of President as she had used a private email server, in Trump’s own words, he has now allocated himself as ‘unfit’ in the deliberate sharing of classified information.

Of course, Trump isn’t the only one that made accusations against Hillary Clinton that are coming back to bite them in the butt. These two tweets are priceless:

Reince Priebus


Those who mishandled classified info have had their sec clearances revoked, lost their jobs, faced fines, & even been sent to prison

8:09 PM — 6 Jul 2016

Paul Ryan


It’s simple: Individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ w/ classified info should be denied further access to it.

Sally Yates agreed to do an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN and, as always, she was the epitome of professionalism. This was a continuation of the type of incredible response performance that we saw from her during the investigation process. She expressed her concerns about things that she was involved with in the Trump/Flynn/Pence scandal, responded with guarded comments and refused to get involved in the name calling or accusations that seem out-of-control on the Trump and Republican side. Another lifelong committed individual to service, Yates showed how these things are supposed to be done.

In the continuing story regarding Comey, it appears that he has had a lifelong practice of keeping memos and emails when situations occur that involve areas that he does not trust or is suspicious of. This is a common practice for many in the government as well as business world. The importance of these ‘memos’ is that it not only offers dates and times of the conversations held with Trump and his administration, but is also the ‘smoking gun’ that proves that Trump was trying to get Comey to drop the RussiaGate investigation. The memos also corroborate conversations that Comey had with people inside the FBI as he related the Trump request. The memos are another ‘nail in the coffin’ for the accusation of obstruction of justice. As of May 16, 2017, in an NBC news report, Comey has indicated that he will be going ‘public’ with the memos. After this information was reported, chairman of the Democratic Commission, Jon Cooper said that his White House sources told him “Trump is cursing up a storm — ranting and raving. Yelling at staffers & using the “F” word. He’s losing it tonight.”

David Gergen has seen what happens during scandals and impeachment processes. He has worked for four U.S. Presidents, belonging to different political parties as well as working for Nixon who was threatened with impeachment and was forced to resign, Bill Clinton, who may not have been removed from office, but was impeached. Gergen is a professional who selects his words very carefully and on a CNN news brief, he indicated that we are there again. After he observed the sharing of classified intel with the Russians by Trump and then caught asking Comey to stop the RussiaGate investigation, Gergen was on CNN, where he is often a guest advisor and said “I think we’re in impeachment territory for the first time” {in the Trump era}. He also explained “Obstruction of justice was the number one charge against Nixon that brought him down.” “Obstruction of justice was the number one charge against Bill Clinton that led to hs indictment in the House.”

According to the Wall Street Journal’s investigative research, they have established a definite link between Trump and the Russian government controlled bank — VEB bank. It seems that VEB, which is basically an arm of the Russian government, with Vladimir Putin as the chairman of the supervisory board and the individual that approves all major deals, was the financial backer of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Additionally, VEB bank is the one that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law met with at New York’s Trump Tower during the transition period. VEB banks links the ties between Trump’s family, Putin and a New York Russian spy ring.

A tape has appeared in which Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is with Republican members of the House of Representatives and was discussing payments by Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump. The tape also involved a controversial pro-Russia congressman, Dana Rohrabacher and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. In the tape McCarthy asserted that “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rhorabacher and Trump” at which time Ryan responded that this topic shouldn’t be publicly discussed. The Washington Post has heard the recording and when Ryan was approached he denied it at first and then later tried to brush it off as ‘a joke’. The recording itself was right after the above mentioned Republicans had left a meeting on the topic of how Russia finances the politicians in other countries to act as their puppets and was only one day after the news was discovered of the Russian hacking into the Democratic National Committee. It is believed that the leak of the recording may have come from the Ukraine.

The appointment of a Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to take over the investigation into the Russia-Gate situation is one of the most important developments. Rosenstein selected Robert Mueller, highly respected former FBI Director, as the Special Counsel. Rosenstein chose well and it is no surprise. He has worked under Presidents that represented both parties and has been a long-respected, although retired, member of the U.S. intelligence community. Mueller himself is appealing to both parties as he is a former Comey colleague. The terminology ‘Special Counsel’ is considered to be comparable to a Special Prosecutor and Mueller will be in charge and is also someone that Trump cannot interfere with, including firing. According to Politico, Rosenstein made the choice without consulting with Trump so that neither he nor any of his administration could interfere. It is also an interesting turn of events for Rosenstein as he had expressed only a few days prior that he didn’t feel there was a need for a Special Counsel. The events that then occurred with Trump sharing secret classified codes as well as the Comey memos may have changed his mind.

Michael Flynn has received a subpoena to submit pertinent documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Unfortunately, Flynn, the man that was heard screaming ‘lock her up’ about Hillary Clinton is refusing to comply with the subpoena. As of this writing, the deadline to supply the docs that related to the RussiaGate situation has not been reached. The results of his refusal could involve a number of actions, two of which could be a raid on his home where the docs are being held by Federal government agents all the way to jail time for Flynn.

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Leaks and rumors of the kind of childish and immature behavior that is associated with Donald Trump also incorporates unbridled times of anger and that he holds nothing back when he doesn’t get his way or things bother him. Rick Wilson, a Republican political strategist appeared on the MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell show to talk about the views of the Republican Congress on the potential of Mike Pence becoming President. Wilson indicated that there is a growing segment of Capitol Hill Republicans that are doing off-the-record talk, admitting that they would prefer to deal with Pence other than Trump. Wilson stated that some of them are just afraid to make these feelings known publicly, for fear that Trump will respond to them by going ‘ripshit bonkers’. In making this comment, Wilson created a new term that was picked up with glee on Twitter and other social media.

Trump had previously tried to blame Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for the firing of Comey. While this is no surprise, as Trump always blames others and is never personally accountable, it seems that this accusation did not sit well with Rosenstein. The ‘blame’ was based on the story that Trump tells where he had requested that Rosenstein write a memo that detailed all of Comey’s failings while he was tenured at the FBI and once Trump fired Comey, he simply turned to the letter as the reason. Of course, Trump’s story has changed a number of times, but it doesn’t change the fact that Rosenstein has had enough. He informed Congress today (5/19/17) that he wasn’t on board during the time of firing Comey. He indicated “My memorandum is not a statement of reasons to justify a for-cause termination.” Ergo, Rosenstein just threw Trump under the bus.

If you made it through this entire reading, congratulations.

It is no wonder that all of us feel that we are living a daily nightmare, as this is only three weeks of situations and occurrences. There are no words that can say how very ‘tired’ we all are of the antics of Trump and the support that he has been receiving from the Republicans as he embarrasses us as a country and on an international level, alienating us from our allies and lining his pockets and that of his company by using the American people. We hope this will be over soon and that the results of the RussiaGate investigation will take down everyone associated with it.

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