Trump Supporters: Wind-Up Chucky Dolls

S. Novi
9 min readOct 1, 2017
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If you are even in doubt about the vitriol hate that extends throughout the levels of Trump supporters, you need only have to go to any Facebook post that involves any of the newsfeeds other than “Fox” or “Breitbart”. Almost as soon as a post shows up, so do the TrumpTrolls and they spew their rhetoric from one end of the scale to the other, and it doesn’t really matter what topic is being represented. They use this type of platform to cover any and all of their hate-filled feelings and act like wind-up Chucky dolls.

The behavior is actually quite predictable. The moment that any type of news reporting appears that goes against their ideologies, they begin with the typical “fake news” chant and then progress into a rant that inevitably invokes President Obama or Hillary Clinton. Their obsession and hate dissolves into quotes from propaganda-filled pages that include information that has not only been debunked but are more akin to those that wear aluminum foil hats.

One has to wonder why these individuals feel that there is a requirement to enter newsfeeds and project their hate, prejudice, bigotry, racism and sexism. Why they not only feel that their message is one that needs to be spread as a form of complaint and why they hold such disdain for anything and anyone that is progressive or liberal. To get answers, we need to look to back in history for similar types of behavior and this does encroach on the followers of fascism including Mussolini and Hitler. The followers of these groups participated in the same type of “blame game” and both of these individuals rose to power due to the support of the people that became brainwashed into believing their personal troubles were based on the fault of others.

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Misguided Misogynistic Power

When examining any fascist leader one views a number of situations that are shared, with the main focus on a so-called “leader” that represents old-school machismo. This was clear in the case of both Hitler and Mussolini but also in other fascist leaders including Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia), and Pinochet (Chile). The support typically starts as they wrap their belief systems around nationalism and false patriotism, with a so-called leader that promises to return their lives from their bad conditions that they themselves have created into a more glorious time of the past. However, if you inquire as to “when” that time might have been, the supporters will not have an answer, they will only inform you that the individual making the promises will accomplish it.

In a previous article that I wrote entitled: Trump Supporters: Today’s Nazi Brown Shirts:

A Washington Post article also included a rather brilliant comparison. They dig into eleven of the characteristics and demonstrate that Trump and his supporters are indeed repeating history by emulating the behaviors of those that support the extremes to catapult an entire society into a fascist dictatorship. I carry their concept further in my article by stating:

In the Post article they refer to this as ‘hyper-nationalism’ and while it isn’t one that is only seen in fascist regimes, it is the main core belief that is conveyed in fascism. When Trump took on the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’, he tapped into the typical emotional side of those in the country that were living in fear. This slogan was used by Adolf Hitler as part of his post-WWI attempt to rejuvenate German self-esteem in his “Make Germany Great Again”.

One of the core accomplishments that Hitler achieved was in convincing his followers that all of the media was “lying press or lugenpresse”, which is a term that has been shouted at some of the Trump rallies. Through the use of propaganda, Hitler told his supporters that any of the news that was reported that didn’t align with their beliefs was false. He thereby quickly made the transition so that all media eventually came under the control of his administration, something that we also see in Russia under Putin’s regime.”

This form of rallying further bonds the supporters to a so-called leader that represents power that they feel they don’t have. The strange part of this psychology is that their support really has nothing to do with country as they will turn on their fellow Americans in a nano-second, accusing them of being the cause of their own downfall. Most notably, this occurred in Germany as the followers supported a white supremacist belief system, first blaming the Jews, then the gypsies, then the intellects and professors and finally, anyone that didn’t support their Nazi ideology.

This is what is occurring at the present time, as Trump shifts his message of hate from Muslims and Mexicans to enter into Black Americans, protestors, and all liberals. And the Trump supporters blindly follow, apparently not smart enough to figure out that they are being used. The so-called “leader of choice” is tapping into the emotions that the individuals feel, redirecting the anger and placing the blame for their own bad decisions in life on others; and that means anyone else but themselves.

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Fox Has Devoted Years to Developing this Mentality

Rupert Murdoch is the father of “Fox” and he made his fortune in Great Britain publishing trashy tabloids. These publications were akin to those that we see at the grocery store checkout, listing every possible bizarre title that the reduced IQ individual might believe. He knew that there was a market in the U.S. and it was then that he launched Fox. He couldn’t have done it without the help of Ronald Reagan who removed “The Fairness Doctrine” which required truth in reporting. This opened the door for Fox and their ilk to create any form of information and tag it under the title of “news”.

In a previous article that I wrote entitled: “The Misinformation Fallout: Conservatives Still Taking the Bait”, I included:

“Conservatives and the extreme left share one thing in common: they live in a bubble of denial and they will believe anything, no matter how bizarre, that appeals to their beliefs. Now this may sound like a glove being thrown down, but let’s address conservatives first. In an article by PsychologyToday which stated:

“An interesting study by Fessler et al. (in press) found that conservatives are more receptive to believing false negative information regarding hazards (relative to benefits) than liberals. This is called negatively-biased credulity. The study was covered in The Atlantic by Olga Khazan in “Why Fake News Targeted Trump Supporters.”

In the article mentioned above, I included information regarding “Fox News”, which is a direct arm of propaganda styled to appease the kind of message that Trump supporters want to hear:

“Fox can’t really be associated as a ‘news station’ as they admit they are an ‘entertainment channel’ and as per Politifact, typically report 59% that is mostly false to completely false, with only 10% listed as ‘true’, 12% mostly true and 19% half true.”

This is not to say that other true news channels don’t report stretch truths, but Fox is by far the worst of all of them. As a nation, we once turned to our news channels not only for good reporting, but for the journalists themselves to “call out” anyone that simply lied. This is no longer the case and that was clearly exemplified during the 2016 Presidential Election when no one called Trump out on his lies and mainstream media refused to vet Bernie Sanders.

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They Can’t Defend Trump’s Bizarre and Bad Behavior Anymore

As Trump continues down the path of supporting Nazis and redirecting the conversation of peaceful protest to disrespecting the country, it validates the same behavior patterns that occurred in a majority of the fascist regimes. In each case, those that led fascism not only encroached on the 14 characteristics, but had followers that blindly continued the path shifts. It didn’t seem to matter how bad things got, they simply “wanted to believe” and that meant supporting the extreme ideas of killing their fellow countrymen.

From a DailyKos article that addressed the mindset of the average Trump supporter:

“So, either Trump supporters (1) don’t know the facts, (2) don’t care about the facts, (3) don’t think facts are important, (4) have been conned by one of the greatest con artists, or worse; (5) they do know the facts but perpetuate lies to undermine what makes America great…truth, justice and freedom of speech.”

However, there is a problem. Trump is demonstrating that he has potential cognitive difficulties. When he leaves the teleprompter and goes off on a personal rant, it becomes a mixture of fourth grade “word salad”. He has been captured on video multiple times meandering off stage only to have an assistant bring him back. He has also forgotten both the names and titles of various world leaders and there is additional video of many of these people simply staring at him in disbelief or disgust.

As his behavior and rhetoric continues to become obviously idiotic, Trump supporters are left with “nothing” and it is then that they return to the only thing that they know: repetitive attacks on President Obama, Hillary Clinton or even misinformation regarding the economy. In essence, they don’t realize that they are winding down the road of insanity along with Trump; to them, it is as logical as it must be for “Chucky” to kill, maim and destroy.

As they hide behind keyboards, typing their hate-filled rhetoric, they also attack liberals accusing them of not being “tolerant”. They lack even the basics in definition of the word, as they assume that tolerance means that everyone should accept their attacks on others.

They Back Down When Liberals Step Forward

One of the most notable occurrences on Facebook is that when a newsfeed happens that offers reporting that they don’t like, the TrumpTrolls will immediately attack the channel as well as the reporter. Their goal is to generate descent and stir the pot of hate and when more than one shows up on a page, they experience a sense of validation. However, this stops when liberals step forward, fact checking and informing them that they are incorrect. It isn’t that the “facts” make a difference (they don’t), the TrumpTrolls just realize that they can’t keep up with the fight. At this point, they try the same redirect of attention as well as attacking the liberals that are continuing to show them who and what they are.

Some TrumpTrolls deny that they are racist, bigoted, sexist, or filled with hate, but when anyone begins to call them out on it, some eventually stop posting. When liberals appear in larger numbers, the TrumpTroll comments start to degrade and eventually fall off completely. They then seek out another newsfeed post to try to begin the process all over again.

It appears that the process of merely typing their hate not only feeds their rage but gives them a feeling of empowerment. Kind of like Chucky when he has a weapon that he can threaten others with.

There has always been a bed of racism in the country and it was hidden under the slime of the rocks because it was not acceptable to project it from a social perspective. The Trump rant about “political correctness” has allowed these wind-up Chucky dolls to appear and challenge. What they call “PC” is what societies refer to as being respectful and polite. These are guidelines that we try to teach our children and yet they have opened the door in full force to feel justified in saying whatever they want to whomever they want.

As the country bonds together, the TrumpTrolls are seeing their voices diminish. They will continue to use social media as a method to pass their false narratives and outright lies, but it is becoming quite apparent that the rest of the country will not stand for it.



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